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The Gateway to Affordable Adventures

Vacation is all about relaxation and recovery from the stressful times we live in from day to day. However, now more than ever money is tighter and more important to use wisely. That is why we created our business to help people plan vacations that are both fun and budget friendly. Our philosophy is maximizing your money to give you the best vacation while still leaving you enough for your next one!

We are a family owned business that got our start in traveling on a budget while we were in college. My wife and I loved to travel, but found it difficult to do on a college budget. That is when we discovered cruising was a great way for couples or small groups to get the best "bang for their buck." We would hear about friends spending hundreds of dollars per night to stuff as many people in a room as possible just to stay in a poorly maintained motel miles off any sort of beach. We decided that this wasn't our idea of a relaxing vacation, so we looked for an alternative. I had always loved cruising when I was a kid and went with my family. The feeling of waking up in a different country every morning was surreal to say the least. Once we found that we could have lodging, food, alcohol, and transportation to multiple foreign countries included for as much as a hotel room would cost alone, we never turned back.

After constantly doing research and dealing with travel agents who were less than helpful to a couple on a budget not looking to spend thousands of dollars per person on a suite, we decided to open our own travel agency. Our agency primarily focuses on cruises as that is where we have the greatest experience. However, we have additional training and experience in other vacation options such as amusement parks, all inclusive vacations, and European travel. If you're still reading and are finding yourself asking "so what?" then go check out our FAQ page to see what we as travel agents can provide you.

Whether you know exactly what you want your vacation to look like or you need some guidance, feel free to reach out to us whether it is to book or just get a quote.

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