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You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

What exactly is a travel agency?

A travel agency is an individual or group of individual travel agents who work to help individuals, couples, families, or businesses to book travel. Travel agencies provide comprehensive support from providing recommendations to actually booking the travel to providing support during travel.

How much do your services cost?

Absolutely NOTHING! Our services are included in the cost of your normal fare. Whether or not you book through a travel agent the cost of our services are included in your booking fees even if you book directly with the hotel, cruise company, airline, etc. This is because travel agents are paid by commission from part of your original fare. Travel agency services are provided as part of your travel benefits through the company you book for. Resorts, cruise companies, or hotels want your experience to be the best possible, so that is why they include our services at no additional cost to you. So if you are already paying for it why not get our additional services during your travels?

How are you able to get me better deals?

Travel companies provide travel agents with better deals as part of their marketing strategy. These are prices that you would not be able to access if you were to book directly with the cruise company. Tourism industries do this to encourage their patrons to utilize the great services that travel agents provide.

What types of travel can you book?

We can book any type of travel related service! Whether you are looking for a cruise, all-inclusive resort, regular hotel stay, or air travel, we can book it all! We can also arrange additional services like excursions, tours, travel insurance, car rentals, and even premium travel memberships. Even if we can't book what you're looking for, we would be glad to provide whatever support and suggestions we can.

What if there is a problem/emergency while I am traveling?

We are available nearly 24/7 to assist you with any travel related emergency. Need passport/visa support? We're here to provide guidance! Did you get left at a port while on a cruise? We will do everything we can to get your vacation back on tract! Did your flight get canceled? We will work with your airline to get you rescheduled! No more waiting on hold with travel companies; we do all of that for you. That way you can just sit back and relax both before and during your vacation.

Why Cruising on a Dime?

Our name stems from the fact that cruise ships are able to turn "on a dime." Cruise ships use specialized propulsion devices called azipods that allow them to have unparalleled maneuverability without the use of tug boats. In addition many cruise ships also have bow thrusters that provide additional maneuverability. In fact cruise ships only use tug boats when extremely difficult maneuvers are needed in bad weather. Click on the link below to see a quick video on cruise ships azipods by Royal Caribbean. Azipod Video

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